Using a car delivery service : things you should know

What are the advantages of using a car delivery service?

People often think that the easiest, and cheapest, way to move a car is by driving it themselves. On short distances it might be the best option, but on longer ones the adventure quickly turns into a nightmare on wheels. The weather is never as good as was expected, the price of filling up a gas tank a few times in a row comes up as a nasty surprise, taking time off from work and family can be a negative factor too, and tiredness and eagerness to arrive can end up being a dangerous combination. The best car delivery service companies do not have to think about all that, or rather they are here to deal with the hassle for you, and they are professionally equipped to do so.

What can a car delivery service do and how?

A company specializing in delivering cars can do a lot of different delivery services. Depending on your requirements, they can transport a car by open truck or enclosed truck or even by train. It is a method often used when a car needs to be shipped across country to another state, or to another country nearby. They will most often ask you if you wish the transport to be open or enclosed. Open transport means your car is put on an open truck with no walls or cover around the car no. It is exposed to weather conditions and some dirt, but it is a popular way of moving cars and damage is really rare. For overseas delivery, cars are put on boats and even airplanes. You can choose between a single container if you have just bought a classic or luxury car, or a multiple car container if you are just moving a trusty family car, or no container at all with the RollOn/RollOff method. Car delivery services are also really practical if you have just bought a new or used car and want it delivered directly to your home or business address.

What are the different costs to expect?

As we have seen above, moving a car by just driving it yourself sounds fun and cheap, but in reality, car delivery companies are better at doing the moving. And once all aspects of the process are taken into account, it is not that much more expensive either and often turns out to be a cheaper solutions. Many people also think that transporting a vehicle themselves on a car trailer is easier and cheaper, but it usually becomes unaffordable for trips over 500 miles. Using a tow dolly can be really cheap but also really tricky and dangerous on long trips. Car delivery prices can go from as little as $200 to a few thousand dollars for long trips with added perks and personal requirements, and even more for overseas delivery.

A car delivery service cost can vary greatly depending on time of year, weather conditions, distance, destination, and even geography. It is best to hunt down several companies and ask for as many quotes as you might need to make a comfortable decision. Also, know that enclosed carriers can cost up to 30% more than open ones, and that some companies ask for additional insurance for moving luxury or classic cars and some overseas car deliveries. As a general rule, the busiest period is from April to September and prices tend to go up then. So be sure to plan everything in advance, at least 2 to 4 weeks, and aim for October and November, to get a better price for the same excellent service.

Details to look out for

When choosing a car delivery service company always look for reliable ones that have transparent business policies and that have been in business for some time. Make sure it is legit by checking their registration with the Department of Transportation, read online reviews, talk to moving companies to see who they usually work with and who they trust with doing a good job. Always double check the payment methods to see what you are comfortable with and be prepared to pay a small deposit to secure a transport option. Tips on arrival are also a nice way to reward a job well done. If you are a business that needs to move cars often, remember that creating a trusty relationship with a good car delivery service is always a rewarding experience. Companies give good discounts to return customers. Finally, if you are really short on time, you can reach out to a car delivery service broker who will do all the hunting, mail sending, and calling for you. It is safe to say that a car delivery service is a convenient way to move any car across long distances, be it a business or family car, a convenient city car that you do not wish to let go of, or even that special classic car you have finally acquired after months of negotiations. All will be well cared for and successfully delivered to a shipment terminal or even to your front door without causing any stress to the lucky owner. Car delivery companies work with the best logistics, and when chosen well they bring peace of mind, a luxury that is never expensive.