Car delivery service cost : what to expect ?

A car delivery service is a good financial decision

Trying to drive your own car when moving across country is not always a wise move and it can rapidly turn into a nightmare scenario. It looks simple and cheap in theory, but the costs add up really fast: Hotel stays, restaurants, gas, break stops, time off from work, and possible accidents that will demand fast, thus expensive repairs. If on the other hand, you try to book a car delivery by your own means, finding someone to haul it and deliver it, you might also be in for a surprise when it comes to costs. Car delivery companies know how to take care of logistics and how to get good discounts from trucking companies, warehouses, and ports. Why? Because they are not just moving your car but many others as well.

Basic factors that affect a car delivery service cost

There are many aspects to car delivery that can affect the end price of a service. Before looking up car delivery companies on the web and asking for quotes (which are always provided for free) be sure to know exactly what you need done. The size and weight of your car are to consider first. Moving a SUV or a small compact car are not the same thing and it does not cost the same. It is an important factor in the final price. Destination is another factor. The industry average cost for car delivery services is $2,00 per mile for distances of less than 200 miles, and the price drops to $1,00 per mile for anything longer than 1,500 miles. Type of transport is also important. For domestic delivery, open or enclosed truck or rail shipments are the most popular options with customers. Enclosed shipment is usually 30% more expensive than open but is not always a necessary cost unless your car is a special classic or luxury model. For overseas deliveries, sea freight is the preferred option, with single or multiple containers costing more than the roll on/roll off method.

Additional factors to consider

Next comes the time of delivery and what season to choose. Taking a car across country or overseas can take weeks and preparing well in advance is often advised. If you are in a hurry to get your car to a specific destination know that express car delivery service exists, but it will cost you much more than the average shipping. So, planning car transportation will bring costs down drastically. Also be aware that there is a high season where costs go up, usually from April to September, and fall and winter seasons when costs go down. But you should expect a bit of delay if weather conditions get snowy. You can book a door-to-door delivery but expect to pay more, and if the pick-up spot is a rural area, even a bit more. Bringing it to the transport location might save you some money. Car delivery service companies usually have an insurance coverage that is quite sufficient for regular cars but be prepared to buy additional coverage if you are shipping overseas or if you are shipping a luxury vehicle or a classic old timer. Shipping overseas also means more costs. Be sure to inquire about various import and custom duties, depending on the country of destination. Prices for international car delivery services can easily reach $2,000 or more depending on destination and the options you choose. Cars can be delivered by air freight, but this is an option only worth considering when an exceptional car is shipped. The cost of air transport can easily end up being more than the value of the car.

When looking for a cheap option is not always a good idea

Beware of car delivery services offering rates that are too good to be true. Shipping a car across country or overseas is a logistics maze that only real pros with many years of experience know how to navigate. And it comes with a price. Make sure you do your research well and that you read as many reviews as possible, and that the companies have a good BBB score and a clear FMC status. Paying a low rate for a bad company will possibly damage your car and cost you even more in legal fees. If you have no time to do the research yourself, or if you are unsure what to look for, paying a little bit more for the services of a car delivery service broker might be a good idea. Giving him or her the price range you are willing to consider, the broker will find what suits your requirements best and present you with a selection of quotes.

The cost of a car delivery service does not have to be overly expensive if you plan well in advance and if you know exactly what your shipping needs are. Choosing a quality car shipping company for your move will even save you time and money in the long run and bring you the peace of mind you crave to be able to manage other important matters in your personal and professional life.