Auto transport services : a professional solution

Why should I use an auto transport service ?

Driving a car to a nearby town, or a nearby state if you live near a state border, is easy and practical enough. But when you want to move across the country or overseas and take your car with you, the task soon becomes overwhelming. Gas refills, hotel nights, restaurants, and breaks, even tolls on some roads, and the bill get bigger by the minute. Not to mention the mileage added to the car and the possible bad weather conditions. Taking time off from one’s work is not something many people can do without a lot of stress. And you would not go on a long trip without doing the necessary car preparations: oil change, tire and brakes checks etc. All these troublesome points disappear when you decide to turn to a good auto transport service.

Picking the right auto transport service for you

There are many factors to take into account when trying to decide which company to book with. You should first decide on what your real needs are. What kind of car are you moving? A family car or a classic luxury car do not need the same attention. Where do you need to send it and how are the second questions to take care of. The last ones would be when do you want that done and what additional services you might need to add, so that you can easily have a general view of the request you will have once you start sending emails and asking for quotes. Not all transport companies are the same, some are more specialized than others and having all your requirements jotted down precisely will help you find a better deal.

To-dos and don’ts when choosing an auto transport service

Once you have your plan, the first advice usually given is to do your research well. Read as many auto transport services reviews as possible. Ask around, even moving companies who often collaborate with reliable auto transport companies. There are a lot of pro websites that can give you good advice on that too. Check their safety rating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and their rating on the Better Business Bureau. Once you have settled down on a list of carriers that inspire you, start sending emails and asking for quotes. Most companies offer free quotes and will be happy to provide you with all the necessary details. Do not go for the obviously cheap ones with dubious payment methods, or those asking for payment upfront or for large deposits. Choose companies that have some experience in the business, at least ten years, but also give a chance to newer businesses if they have good reviews and a professional team with transparent policies. Do not wait for the last minute to book auto transport. Schedule at least 10 days in advance, and even more in certain busy periods.

What do auto transport services offer ?

Depending on the company, they offer truck and rail transport, and boat and air transport for overseas shipments. They can arrange for open or enclosed auto transport service on trucks and trains, and single container or multiple car containers on boat transport, with another yet cheaper option: the RollOn/RollOff method where cars are loaded on boats without containers and secured for the crossing. The open transport on trucks method is the most popular nationwide and is an efficient inexpensive way to move cars. Delivery can be arranged on a door-to-door basis, or terminal-to-terminal if you wish to pick up your car yourself as a cheaper option. Most companies also have good insurance coverage, even if some still ask for additional insurance if moving a luxury or classic car, especially overseas. Finally, real pros offer good, personalized services, with attention to specific requirements and crews that are extremely well trained, so that you can rest assured your car is in safe hands.

What happens once I book an auto transport service ?

Be sure to get all the details for the pick-up location and to prepare your car for the journey. Do not fill the gas tank to the top, it makes the car heavier and is not really needed. Even if many companies allow you to leave some stuff in the car to be moved with it, avoid treating the service as a U-Haul for all your possessions. Clean the car inside and outside, if there are any complaints after the delivery, damages are easier to spot and take into account. Disable any alarms you have installed and make a quick brake check. Once the carrier has arrived to pick up the car, you can get a bill of loading. On delivery, do a quick check to see if everything is in order and leaving a tip for service well-done is always a nice gesture.

Auto transport services are the best, and safest, way to move a car on long distances, and the cost of shipment always ends up being a good investment in the long run. Your car is often the most expensive item you own, after your house, and having it efficiently and securely delivered by a pro team takes away the stress of having to do it all yourself.